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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 1, 2012 11:00am-1:30pm PST

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to fix it all and how to get america back on the path to prosperity. it's possible. watch us, we're not just on saturdays at 1:00 p.m. eastern and sundays at 3:p.m. we're on monday to friday at 3:30 p.m. eastern. a little version of "your money." everything you need to know in business every day. you can find me on facebook, tweet me, my handle @ali velshi. have an excellent weekend. it is the top of the hour. welcome, everybody. you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm deborah feyerick, in for fredricka whitfield. >> kansas city chiefs jovan belcher has committed suicide after allegedly killing his girlfriend. he allegedly shot his girlfriend
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multiple times at the couple's home. the paper said the two had been arguing. he then drove to a practice facility at the chiefs arrowhead stadium, woalked up to had coac and general manager, thanks them for what they had done for him, then shot himself in the head. joining us, nfl senior reporter, don banks. what do you know of this? how do you put it into perspective? >> it's a pretty unique situation in terms of nfl history. i think this is really the first time we have ever had this situation where a double murder and a player committing suicide the day before a game is scheduled in that stadium in that city. it's a tragedy. i think the nfl is little bit working without a map because they never had a situation quite this immediate to deal with, and quite this tragic. >> and what is so incredible about this is clearly, by thanking, reportedly, his coach
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and the general manager, i mean, they must be replaying that moment, you know, when he pulled the gun and pulled the trigger there on that gun. what was his reputation with the team and within the nfl? >> well, he was not a troubled player in any outward sign. he did not have a track record of off-field issues at all. he didn't have a police record as far as we could tell. he had been an undrafted player coming out of the university of maine in the 2009 draft. and signed with the chiefs and had really actually turned himself into a fairly valuable linebacker in kansas city. we don't know any part of the story really other than what's been reported, that him and his girlfriend, the mother of his 3-month-old child, had been arguing, but we didn't know really that there was any indication of trouble in his personal life. so it's clearly been a difficult season in kansas city on the field. and this just takes that situation and really casts in it
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a whole new tragic light. >> and don, one thing, for it to get so bad for this individual, do teams -- does the nfl have psychological counseling for players who are in such desperate straits, potentially? >> most nfl teams have someone the players can talk to and counsel with. sometimes it's on staff. sometimes it's someone they just work with very closely over the long period of years in the community. but yeah, there's usually a pretty good circle of counsel and support for players who may be suffering issues that are not known publicly. in this situation, it just comes out of nowhere, and it really is a breathtaking turn of events for the player to take his own life is one thing, but obviously, to take a life, his girlfriend's life on top of that, makes it doubly tragic. >> to do it in front of the head coach and general manager who are probably now wondering what
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we could have done. thanks so much. we appreciate your time and will get more insights for you as they develop. thank you. >> thank you. >> in miami, a private bus has crashed into an overpass at the city's international airport. our affiliate wplg reports two people have been killed. at least 30 people were hospitalized, three of them with critical injuries. cleanup and an investigation is under way in southern new jersey after a freight train derailed on a bridge and crashed into a creek. four of the freight cars involved were carrying a highly toxic chemical which leaked into the creek. hundreds of residents were evacuated from the area and 71 people were taken to the hospital with respiratory issues. john mcafee made a fortune as a pioneer of anti-virus software, but he spent the past several weeks shielding himself from authorities in belize. he's wanted for questioning in the killing of his neighbor last months. he hadn't been seen for three weeks until last night when he
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sat down with cnn's martin s savidge for an exclusive interview. i understand just getting to this interview was really an adventure in itself. they're looking for him. you found him. >> that was something almost out of a low-grade spy movie. it began with three words when i got to the airport. those words were, sorry i'm late. it was a prearranged code i had worked out with john mcafee. as for the person who was going to pick up us and take us where he was. i thought it would be a simple ride. it turned out to be anything but that. a wild drive through many winding, twisting streets. getting out of one vehicle, getting into another. switch back, turn back. eventually we got to them, but it was an unusual way of finding a typical interview, but then john mcafee is not your typical kind of interview. we started talking about the ti
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times around the murder of the neighbor. he denies he has anything to do with it, and in fact, he's offering a reward for anyone with information. listen to this. >> you have offered a reward, right? >> i have. >> how would that work? >> for the arrest and conviction of the real killer, $25,000. >> and you say you have nothing to do with that crime. >> i have nothing to do with the crime. >> no one in your employment, no one who you know in. >> certainly no one i'm aware of. why would anyone in my employment want to kill one of my neighbors? that would be insane. >> this investigation, i talked to the authorities, they said it goes nowhere, apparently. they imply you somehow hold the key to solving mr. powell's murder. >> the implication is anything they can do to get me to come in for questioning because when you go in for questioning, you're detained. the last police prior to this one said we don't have a nationwide man hunt for mr mr. mcafee. of course, all units have been alerted to be on the lookout for him. when he is found, he will be
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detained for questioning. once you're detained in this country, that's the end. >> the detainment that appears to be the root of the paranoia, at least for mr. mcafee because authorities say, look, we only want to talk to him. it's obvious why. he was the neighbor. they did have kind of a bad relationship, those two men. and authorities say it would be natural. but if he is in hiding and won't speak to us, it does point a g finger that looks suspicious to authorities. they say right now he's not a suspect, they want to question him, so why is he running? >> he said he's sususpicious of this and he thinks he'll be killed. >> what rights does he have as an american there in belize? officials will say look, this is crazy behavior. this makes him even more suspicious than initially. does he -- will he be in the hands of the belize authorities there? does he have any rights there as
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an american? >> yeah, well he would. he has rights as anyone does here in belize, as well as being an american citizen, you can contact the u.s. embassy. he can seek help in that regard, which we have heard he has not done. on top of that, he could get an attorney and represent himself, but he does say this rr he says, that would be the first thing to do, get an attorney. what would the attorney say? don't talk to police. he said i'm just doing that without having to pay for an attorney. at time he's extremely lucid and other times you talk to him, it almost sounds like he's living in an alternative universe with an idea of a government plot against him. >> martin savidge, fascinating, live for us there in belize. thanks so much. police in arizona want to find an 11-year-old girl with leukemia whose mom took her from the hospital. take a look at these surveillance photos of the family leaving phoenix children's hospital wednesday's morning. the little girl still has a
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catheter implanted in her heart. doctors are afraid it will get infected and she'll die. doctors aren't sure why they left. she was supposed to be released the next day. they add her parents aren't suspects and aren't wanted for any crime, but that could change if their child dies. they could be in a black minivan with arizona license plate a avy 3157. if you have any information about the family, call the phoenix police at 602-262-7626. >> 17-year-old jordan davis was laid to rest this afternoon. police say he was shot and killed because he and his friends wouldn't turn their music down at a florida gas station. michael dunn is charged with davis' murder. investigators say he fired several times into the vehicle davis and his friends were sitting in after a verbal altercation. two bullets hit and killed davis. dunn's lawyer said his client
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thought he saw a shotgun and felt threatened. he's using florida's stand your ground law as his defense. parts of the pacific northwest, they are bracing for more severe weather this weekend. a nasty mix of rain, wind, and snow pummeling northern california, oregon, and washington. the national weather service predicts soaking rain and wind gusts that could hit 70 miles per hour in some places. that could trigger flooding and mudslides after spring fires that destroyed whole forests. and a professor hopes to get a few extra students in his statistic s class. he ends up with 54,000 new kids. luckily, he didn't need a classroom for all of them. >> palestinians celebrate in the west bank after an historic vote at the united nations. my guess says it's a game changer. i'll talk to the first woman elected to the palestinian legislative council.
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shopping for medicare coverage? don't wait. open enrollment ends december 7th. now's the time to take action. call unitedhealthcare today. celebrations after palestinians win a vote at the united nations. it's a vote that gives them a state up grade and is being seen as a possible step towards official statehood. it had been planned before eight days of fighting erupted in gaza. 138 countries voted yes. 41 abstained. only nine voted against the status change. leaving the no votes for israel and the united states. here's palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas at the united nations. >> we did not come here seeking to delegitimize a state established years ago. and that is israel.
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rather, we came to affirm the legitimacy of a state that must now achieve its independence, and that's palestine. >> we're joined from ramallah in the west bank. what does this u.n. vote mean? some thought it was symbolic, but it seemed to me much more than that. >> absolutely. it's more than a symbol, although the symbolism is very important to us. but the thing is this is a recognition of our determination. this is a recognition of the palestinians as a nation with a right to their own statehomo, and tlr, we're under the protection of international law. our land is occupied. it is not disputed, and therefore israel doesn't have a free hand to an annex, to chan the ground unilatry and so on.
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that's one thing. two, that provides us with access to all sorts of international organizations, to treaties and conventions, to bilateral relations. access to even venues for accountability and judicial accountable. it gives us some sort of protection. it empowers us internally as well as externally and it begins a whole new phase in which there is no longer the power that controls us exclusively and can act with impunity, that there is law there, and international law must be obeyed and it gives us hope that this state with its boundaries and it capital will be free with the help of the international community and any negotiations will have to be based on international law. >> you just said, though, that it doesn't give israel the right to steal your land. arguably, israel would say the palestinians had an opportunity
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for a two-state solution many generations ago, and they gave that up, saying no. so the use of the word stealing the land is a little troublesome. how do you explain that? >> it's not at all troublesome. it's actually what created first of all 54%, 55% of our land, and then annexed 22% more and wants to annex the remaining land. when israel was created in 1947 when the u.n. adopted this, we weren't asked. nobody asked us. they promised us country to somebody else without aeroknowledge. it's not a question of israel not taking our land. it's a systematic system. we accept the two-state solution, there division of historical palestine. we recognize israel on 78% of our land and said what is left, 22% that was occupied in 1967.
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that's the area we want to build our country, our state on. west bank including jerusalem and the gaza strip. israel is saying okay, what is mine is mine, and let's see how much i can take of what is yo yours. it's not just that. it has placed us in a situation of siege. it has taken more land. it has annexed jerusalem. it has evicted people. it has carried out ethnic cle z cleansing of palestinians from jerusalem, from their homes, from territories, and there's talk about a two-state solution, but effectively on the ground, it acts with full impunity in order to destroy the two-state solution unilaterally. >> do you feel then that what you're saying is that israel is only willing to accept a one-state solution and that seems counter to everything? >> of course. suddenly, it seems to be that way. they give lip service to the two-state solution, but they
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want to define both states. they talk about the palestinians as population centers, and they are doing that by annexing more land, by evicting palestinians, by saying they want to control the territorial waters, the boundaries, and so on and they want to annex all of the sett settlements which means effectively there will be only one state. there's a systematic campaign to build more settlements at an increasing pace, at a mad pace as a way of creating it before e international community intervenes. that's why many countries voted no for palestine. they sense israel is on this dangerous road to ending the two-state solution and ending their chances of peace. and we have been absolutely reasonable for 21 years. we have been negotiating, and israel has been acting in ways that go against the genuine basis of peace and negotiations.
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>> thank you for joining us from ramallah. arguably, israel might say they're fighting for their survival. thank you for joining us today. thank you. the holidays aren't just about holidays frk 50s, and party. about 600,000 people will pick up extra work this season, but holding on to the jobs around the holidays is tricky. some workers are going for traditional training but with a twist. >> reporter: at johns hopkins university, professor roger pang was hoping for a few extra students in his statistics course, so he signed up for a new program to put his lectures online. >> i was expecting maybe a few thousa thousand. >> what did you get? >> in the end, i had about 54,000 students enrolled dpaesh. >> 54,000 students in your course? >> that's right. >> such is the rapidly exploding power of online learning. an old concept that is being newly embraced by dozens of the nation's top schools which want to reach more students, expand their influence, and enhance
11:20 am
their worldwide reputations at very little cost. >> basic -- >> they're all offering classes online for free through companies like corsera and edex, a joint venture of m.i.t. and harvard, and the response is astonishing. >> we had a few thousand people at the establishment of the enrollment, then the numbers went up to 155,000 in a short amount of time. it was completely insane. >> students are connecting from all over the world for all sorts of reasons. in chicago, dawn smith wanted to improve her job skills with a free course in pharmacology from the university of pennsylvania. she loved the convenience, the quality, and the cost. >> another 19 years of payments on my masters degree, so i didn't necessarily want to add to the cost of that, which was a big factor. >> some educators point out that the imursive experience of attending a college could hardly
11:21 am
be replicated by logging on to a laptop, and contact with professors is hugely limited online. even critics admit this trend could open up education to hundreds of millions of people. >> i have already taught more students than i ever could have hoped to teach in my entire career. >> and there is still a lot to learn. tom foreman, cnn, baltimore. well, it's the end of an era in sports. in los angeles, one of soccer's all-time best players is suiting up for his final game. we're going live to los angeles. stay right here with us. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] while you're getting ready for the holidays, we're getting ready for you. tis the season. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you. had he joined the los angeles galaxy more than five years ago, david beckham sent major league soccer into a different stratosphere. now he'll pay his last game for the galaxy today. he won't be leaving the soccer field all together. m his contract allows him to become one of the league's owners. paul, it seems there's just as
11:25 am
much hype with his exit as a player as when there was when beckham joined the american league back in 2007. >> you're absolutely right, deb. a lot of media credentials. hundreds for the game. the fans starting to file in as we're two hours away from kickoff. many people trying to speculate where he'll go, but the league crediting him with kick starting interest in soccer throughout the united states. putting soccer front and center in some of the conversations not only in los angeles but around the country because beckham is such an international, such a global star. so as you can see, the fans filing in, galaxy versus the houston dynamo. they played last year for the championship, the galaxy won. beckham wants to go out with a bang. when his second consecutive mls championship, deb. >> we understand that beckham may not be the only one leaving the galaxy. >> yes. landon donovan arguably one of the greatest american players of all time, both on the international scene and with the
11:26 am
galaxy, says he's going to take some time off after this game. he has not officially announced his retirement or anything like that, but donovan, who is only 30 years old, is an active player on the field. he's put a lot of miles on his legs and they're saying they're not sure what he's going to do. the fans would love to see him keep playing. donovan may retire. >> all right, well, we may never have seen david beckham play personally, but we'll always look forward to seeing him in whatever picture we can. thank you so much. a recovering addict says striving to perfect almost cost him his life. as a young gymnast, he felt so much pressure he turned to alcohol and then drugs. but he made a stunning rebound. dr. sanjay gupta haas his story in the human factor. >> i started gymnastics when i
11:27 am
was 9 years old and i was watching the 1984 olympics. and it spoke to me as if it was like broadcasted directly to me. and i immediately took the cushions off the couch and started flipping around. >> joseph's foray into gymnastics got serious after that. just two years later, he realized he had a natural gift, but his insatiable need to perform perfectly took over his life. >> for me, it became a kind of darkness that i have to be perfect. >> that's where the downward spiral began. >> i had my first drink. and all that desire for me to be perfect and to be the best was just washed away in a moment. >> within months, things got worse. >> i was drinking and using prescription drgs and a lot of cocaine. and it was that thing where i came to a crossroads where it was like, i can't use and perform so something has to go.
11:28 am
one of the worst moments of my entire life, which i'll never forget, is actually calling the coach up and quitting. because it's like you're giving back your gift. >> alcohol, pills, and cocaine led joe to heroin. in 2007, after several fames stints in rehab and two life threatening overdoses, recovery finally stuck. >> 27 years old, i hadn't done a hand stand in almost 10 years. i started to do hand stands and splits and the more sobriety i maintained, the more this like light, i'll call it, i don't know what else to say, pulled me in a different direction. >> joe honed his body and his mind and he started to work on broadway as a dance, but it was a chance meeting with a cirque du soleil producer that changed his life forever. >> he saw something in me that was sort of inspiring and brought hope. >> today, three year after that
11:29 am
chance encounter, five years after sobriety, he's starring as the crystal man in the cirque du soleil touring show crystal. >> the darkest of men carry the brightest of light, and here i was the darkest of men and i get to come down and shine. >> and he said his addiction will never disappear, he's now living a life he thought he had lost forever. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. well, the fiscal cliff is looming. and your wallets could take a big hit. it depends on what washington politicians do or don't do by january 1st. >> and the race for oscars is already on. we'll look at some of the top contenders for the coveted academy award. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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stories trending on the internet right now, police are searching for a motive in a murder/suicide involving a kansas city chiefs football
11:33 am
player. according to the kansas city star, police are identifying the gunman as linebacker jovan belcher. he shot himself in front of his coaches at a team training facility this morning after shooting his girlfriend to death. two people are reported killed in a bus crash in miami international airport. cnn affiliate wplg said the bus clipped an overpass at the arrival terminal. more than two dozen people aboard the bus were injured. >> federal investigators are in new jersey probing the cause of a disastrous freight train derailment. it sent freight cars carrying toxic cargo into a creek, causing a spill. dozens of people in the area still are unable to return to their homes. by now, i know you have all heard of the so-called fiscal cliff, the huge tax hikes and spending cuts that will be triggered if congress and the white house don't reach a budget deal by the end of the month. well, what are we looking at?
11:34 am
first, cuts in defense. also bush era tax cuts set to x expire, so the majority of americans will pay more taxes. also at stake, the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits expect to get cut. dana, in your most recent column, you say it doesn't seem like anyone is doing anything but photo ops and news conferences. one politician was quoted as saying, effectively, we have a month. that's loads of time. is this a sophisticated game of chicken? >> it's a rather unsophisticated game of chicken, kind of elementary. what they're doing, both sides really, is doing a lot of posturing and waiting until they get close to the deadline if not go over the deadline because they feel if they go over the deadline, they're in a position to tell their hard core supporters, look, we have really got to make this deal now or that's the end. the economy goes back into recession. it's almost as if they can't strike a deal before you get to the very end, which is
11:35 am
understandable. the problem is when you play this game, you can make a terrible mistake, and you know, they're gambling with the whole country here right now. >> house speaker john boehner said friday the white house proposal which begins basically with having $1.6 trillion tax increase among other things was essentially a nonstarter. take a listen. >> there's a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this more difficult. you've watched me over the last three weeks. i have been guarded in what i have to say because i don't want to make it harder for me or the president or members of both parties to be able to find common ground. >> all right, so common ground. the white house is focused on having high earners, the rich, pay higher taxes and get fewing deductions. if that happens, the middle class comes out ahead. so why is there so much push-back by the republicans? >> the proposal the white house came up with is one that they know the republicans aren't going to sign on the dotted line
11:36 am
and go along with it. what the president is trying to do is pull the debate more his way. he's learned from the past if you start negotiating with your final position, you don't get a very good deal here. so neither side is really offering up at this point anything resembling a serious proposal. we all know the contours of what the agreement has to be because there's only so many ways to fix this problem. but apparently we're going to have to wait until the holidays until they actually get their act together and they can actually make some serious discussion. >> okay, we'll see. dana, thank you so much. we appreciate your being here today. >> thank you. demonstrators are out on the streets of egypt. we'll tell you what they're protesting about this time. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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in egypt, angry crowds are gathered in cairo's tahrir square. they're protesting against president mohamed morsi and egypt's new constitution. thousands of protesters are supporting the president. they had have constitution one day after it was quickly approved. reza siayah has the news. >> reporter: we have seen hundreds of thousands of egyptians protest against president morsi and the muslim brotherhood. now it's the president's supporters and the broorthhood saying it's our turn. >> we support president morsi and his decision. >> we all support president morsi because this decision, we all need it.
11:41 am
>> reporter: it's hard to say how many people are here. some say over 100,000. all say they support the president and just like the opposition faction, they can put on a mass demonstration, too. >> this is the real citizens of egypt. >> what about tahrir square? what do you call tahrir square? the protesters here? >> they're protesters and this is democracy. there are people who agree and disagree. >> reporter: there are a few thousand women here but it's overwhelmingly men. they are energized chanting slogans against some of the opposition leaders. chanting slogans in support of president morsi. this big turnout shows that not everyone in egypt is against president mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood. he has significant support. egypt is an islamic country. there's a lot of conservative muslims here who support the president and they like the draft of the constitution has been approved, and in about 15
11:42 am
days, everyone can vote on it. they say that's what democracy is all about. >> democracy is an election and to be able to choose, be able to elect the people. to be able to choose. >> earlier, we have never been in politics like this. we will never, ever be able to tell our opinion freely and honestly like this. >> and reza joins me live from cairo. it's so fascinating, reza, to listen to all of the voices saying this is what democracy is all about. you know, the president sort of grabs full power, and then the people get to vote on that. it's kind on an interesting dynamic there, no? >> reporter: it's remarkable. i think if you look anywhere in the world, you're not going to find what is unfolding in cairo. really, it's a fight for egypt's identity. you have these opposition factions behind us, the liberals and moderates with their view.
11:43 am
then the president and his supporters, the islamists with their view. the question is whose view is going to come out on top? we should point out that about ten minutes ago, the president addressed the nation and the special panel that drafted this constitution. he was very diplomatic, very conciliatory and polite. essentially he extended an olive branch to egypt and invited all egyptians to come out on december 15th in the nationwide referendum and vote on the constulation. that's going to be the big date, december 15th, two saturdays from now. he clearly made an attempt to calm down his opponents, but as he was making that speech behind us here in tahrir square, deb, there was still yelling. leave, leave, leave! >> all right, reza sayah for us. thank you so much. interesting he's extending an olive branch to his own people. thanks. stay safe out there. often, ordinary people do extraordinary things like this
11:44 am
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no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. so often the people who make the biggest difference in the world, in their communities, they go unnoticed. tomorrow night, cnn will honor some of them for their outstanding deeds. we call them heroes. careen winter joins us from los angeles. tell us about some of them. >> they're remarkable. i had the chance over the last couple days to speak to some of our cnn top heroes from 2011 and
11:48 am
they're just as blown away by the remarkable contributions of the top ten heroes this year. honorees just like them who will be walking the carpet and sharing their stories of courage and inspiration as they take the spotlight on sunday. we're talking about 2012's top ten cnn heroes such as wanda butts. she's from toledo, ohio. she started a special program, the josh project, after losing her teenage son after he tragically died in a drowning accident many years ago. so she felt the need to do something to save lives even though she lost a life in helping minority children learn to swim. something we take for granted. we don't just have heroes here in the states. we have international heroes such as this man from south africa. he saw such a great need in the slums of his communities to do more, to help the children and teens who were struggling by provided academic resources, activities, meals, things that people sometimes take for granted. there's such a great deed there.
11:49 am
he's been doing a tremendous job helping those in his community. that's what it's all about. i had a pleasure to speak with one of our 2011 top ten. she has had a chance to rub shoulders with some of the 2012 honorees. she's got a backstage pass so she's been checking out the action the last few days and she said it's such an honor to be a part of this prestigious club. listen to what she had to say. gr for me, they are heroes. i think the amazing thing about cnn heroes is they're people just like you and me, but they took the extra step and created something. >> and you won't want to miss this coming up next hour. one of our 2012 cnn top ten heroes, mary, she will be right here. we'll be talking to her. she's helping vets, training vets, training dogs. we'll find out why both of those are so dear to her heart. >> we're going to be looking forward to that. thank you so much. they're competing for the same prize, but honestly, my guess is
11:50 am
they're rooting for each other because they're all such huge winners. we want all of you to join us on sunday. you can watch the cnn heroes preshow special sharing the spotlight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. then stay with us, join us, watch the main event, cnn heroes an all-star tribute at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> well, the academy awards buzz has already begun, and our movie critic already has a few favorites. she'll share her picks and tell us why brad pitt's new one, killing them softly, is at the top of her list. and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center...
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11:53 am
well, movie producers trying to get their film an oscar nod better kick their pr efforts into high gear. nomination ballot are tuchdu due january 3rd. grae drake is here to make some predictions and so everybody has been talking about "argo" but there could be some sort of surprises, come out of nowhere movies. what's going on? >> this is the time of year where hollywood is all abuzz, and you can sit in a restaurant and hear something whispering about the new movie that's going
11:54 am
to get a nomination. i think first and foremost, most of these movies aren't out yet for people to see, but keep a close eye out. starting with "the impossible." this is a movie starring naomi watts and ewan mcgregor. a family, a true story. they went to thailand two days before the tsunami, and the movie is aptly titled because it's impossible not to lose your mind crying during it. the filmmakers really re-created what it must have been like to be there. it's horrifying and touching and incredible all at the same time. and it's also impossible. the next movie -- >> mm-hmm. >> that i think people are going to really dig is "zero dark 30" which could also be titled "ding-dong osama is dead" and movied about the political scene are generally pretty depressing, but this is the one thing we have to kin of celebrate that
11:55 am
we accomplished as a nation and as a world, almost. where you know this is the story of the u.s. hunting down osama bin laden and figuring out where he was and as we all know how that story ends, right? >> absolutely. so what about also, you know, you're right, totally cried through the trailer for "the impossible" but there's another movie that is going to grab at people. it's one that we're going to come back to again and again and again. what is that movie, grae? >> it's le miserable. it's the first time they have included this song from the play in the movie. and when this movie screened for critics last weekend, the entire oscar race changed dramatically
11:56 am
because hugh jackman may have just taken the oscar away from daniel day-lewis as abraham lincoln. and for all of us movie folks, that is a really big deal. this movie, i actually had the pleasure of seeing it, and i can't say a whole lot about it because it comes out on christmas day, but to everybody who is a fan of "les miserable" they're going to be ecstatic about the movie. we'll get used to hearing it. it's going to win a ton of stuff. >> that's really exciting. i'm going be humming that song for the next couple hours. thanks, grae. you can get more from grae drake at and our own a.j. hammer sat down with the star of "killing them softly" brad pitt for a very revealing interview about his engagement and his stance on marriage equality. you can watch brad pitt right here tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. eastern on cnn.
11:57 am
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it's the top of the hour, and you are in the "cnn
12:00 pm
newsroom" here with us. i'm deborah feyerick in for fredricka whitfield. tragedy strikes the nfl today. kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher has apparently committed suicide after allegedly killing his girlfriend. >> a little before 8:00 this morning, we got a call in regard to a shooting of a resident. when we arrived, a lady came out and said her daughter had been shot by her boyfriend several times inside the residence. she was taken to the local hospital where she died a short time later. about ten minutes after that, we got a call at arrowhead stadium to their practice facility in regard to a person in their parking lot armed with a hand gun. when the officer s were pulled up, they observed a black male with a gun to his head talking to a couple coaches in the parking lot. as the officers pulled up, that's when they heard the gun shot. >> joining us by phone from phoenix, mark mcmillian.
12:01 pm
tough day. what went through your mind when you heard this tragic news? >> shock. just utter shock, like you said, earlier this year, we lost junior seau to something like this. lost a good friend of mine, andre waters, to the same situation like this. so you know, like i said, i'm kind of lost for words. its artough business. no one knows what was going on in that young man's mind at that particular time. first, i would like to say my prayers and condolences go out to the family, his girlfriend as well. i want to send my prayers out to them. it's a tough situation. and you know, to hear something like that, you know, for the young man to actually go to the facility of his work place and do that, it's kind of -- you wonder what's going through his mind on his way to the facility and what was his main goal or his purpose of, you know, taking
12:02 pm
his life in front of his coaches. >> and that is what is so incredible because he did allegedly do that in front of his coaches. he was in front of the team's head coach and also the general manager. i know you didn't know jovan belcher personally as a linebacker, but what was his reputation? when you talk to other guys on the team and in the league? >> a good guy, a good guy in the locker room. you know, emmitt smith was a coach. he's coaching now with the chiefs, and like i said, everybody is kind of just lost and shocked for words. there's really nothing that you can possibly put into words or try to wrap your mind around to try to make light of it because like i said, it just happened. this is something that is continuing to happen in the nfl. it's not a trend. it's going to continue to happen. like i said, when junior seau, when the big name kind of hit, everybody kind of took notice to it. like i said, you never know. i don't want to speculate what was going through that young
12:03 pm
man's head. >> quickly, does the team -- do teams in the nfl, do they provide enough opportunity to get psychological counseling, because it's not an easy thing to be going through? is that opportunity there for people who need it? >> the opportunity is there. obviously, you know, they're years behind. guys like myself who played the game before, you know, who suffer, you know, a lot of guys are suffering out there for various reasons. and you know, this is a young man. 25 years old. you know, with a young child and a girlfriend. living a dream that most people grew up wanting to play professional football. and for him to cut it so short, like i said, you can only put it in so many words. like i say, losing my friend andre waters from the eagles years ago, knowing what he was going through. once they did the autopsy on his brain, he had a brain of an
12:04 pm
80-year-old man. you never know. >> you talk about this. these guys were living their dream. but mark, the stress, the intensity, coupled with what could be, you know, some sort of brain alteration because of the number of hits. what do you think is going on? >> like i said, it's a tough sport. it's a violent sport. week in and week out, it's a stressful job. you know, you get paid a lot of money to do a job that a lot of people criticize you on if you do good, they criticize you on if you do bad. with the chiefs not having a good season, like i said, there's a number of compounding things that could have been going on that could have triggered this young man. like i said, it's a tough sport, and i played with two former guys, and we were just discusss about you know, the daily stress and daily grind and life after football. >> is there an outlet, or is the
12:05 pm
outlet leaving the game? >> like i said, leaving the game, you know, it's tough when you first leave the game. there's no more cheers. no one patting you on the back look they used to. we're used to that. you know, every sunday, you're playing in front of 80,000, 90,000 fans. when it's over, no one is calling your name, it's kind of a wake-up call. >> yeah, did you have a tough adjustment when you left the game? >> i had a good background, a good family support system. i had a great education. great guys i could lean on. a coach was one of my guys from alabama, always in our corner that we could call and walk us through the process of, you know, you're not getting paid $100,000 a week. you're going to have to go out in the real world and some day have a family and be able to adjust. as to when you're playing, you have everybody doing things for
12:06 pm
you. >> absolutely. thanks so much, mark mcmillian. and our condolences are with everyone in the nfl and certainly with mr. belcher's family as well as the family of his girlfriend, and clearly now that infant -- >> like i said, prayers go out to the families. prayers go out to the chief organization as well. obviously, you know, with the coaches and having that done in front of you, they're going to need some counseling as well. i can only imagine seeing someone that you just talked to minutes ago take their own life. >> you better believe it, and whether you could have reached out to the hand and pulled the gun away. mark mcmillian, thanks again. take care of yourself. >> thank you. 17-year-old jordan davis was laid to rest in the atlanta area today. the black teenager was killed last week outside a florida convenience store. his suv was blasted eight times with a shotgun. the shooter, michael dunn, was white. and he's claiming self defense under florida's stand your
12:07 pm
ground law. that's the same law at issue in the trayvon martin case. dunn said he asked davis and his friends to turn down their suv's stereo. when davis responded with trash talk, dunn said he felt threatened. dunn also said someone in the vehicle had a shotgun, but police have not founauot found . george howell caught up with jordan's dad. >> this case has gotten national attention and has been compared in many ways to the controver controversial trayvon martin case, focusing on the stand your ground law, spuskly in the state of florida. jordan's father made it clear that race was not a factor in the shooting. take a listen. >> i believe it was strictly anger. people try to associate that whenever people of color different from someone else, and i still believe to this day unless the gentleman tells me different, it was anger that was involved, and having the accessibility of a gun. >> your focus is on these guns?
12:08 pm
>> yes. >> your t-shirt, even, show us this. >> kill guns, not kids. kill guns, not kids. so we have to kill the gun laws that allow them. law enforcement has been trained and they're the only ones i feel should have guns in public. >> ron davis, a man on a mission. he said his focus is to look into the stand your ground laws to make changes so deaths like this do not happen again. george howell, cnn, atlanta. two people are dead after a double decker tour bus slammed into an overpass at the miami international airport. 30 others, many of them elderly, were treated for injuries after the crash which happened about 8:00 this morning. still not clear why the driver tried to maneuver the nine-foot tall bus under an 8 1/2-foot overpass. two brothers are under lock up in south florida, accused in a frightening terror plot. the men originally from pakistan were arrested thursday in ft.
12:09 pm
laud lauderdale. they were charged with planning a plot of destruction. they're ordered held until their next hearing set for the end of next week. >> the forces supporting mohamed morsi took the the street of cairo today. thousands led by the muslim brotherhood packed the streets to challenge what critics call his recent power grab. then the president went before the constitutional assembly and said egypt will hold a referendum on their new constitution in two weeks. reza sayah joins us on the new development. any surprises there? >> reporter: the only surprise is how long this conflict has been going on now, more than a week. dueling demonstrations today at a very important live address to the nation by the embattled president, mohamed morsi. first off, we'll tell you about
12:10 pm
the opposition faction demonstration still going on here in tahrir square. these are the liberals, the moderates who believe they have been sidelined in the process to draft the constitution. then you have the rival demonstration by the supporter of the president just a ten-minute drive from tahrir square. for more than a week, we have seen hundreds of thousands of egyptians protest against president morsi and the muslim brotherho brotherhood. now it's the president's supporters and the brotherhood stating it's our turn. >> we support president morsi and his decisions. >> we all support president morsi because this decision, we all need it. >> reporter: it's hard to say how many people are here. some say more than 100,000. all of them say they support the president and just like the opposition faction, they can put on a mass demonstration, too. >> this is the real egypt.
12:11 pm
this is the real citizens of egypt. >> reporter: what about tahrir square? what do you call the protesters here? >> there are protesters and this is democracy. there are people who agree and people who disagree. >> reporter: there are a few,nld women out here, but it's overwhelmingly men. they're energized chanting slogans against the opposition leaders. chanting slogans in support of president morsi. this big turnout shows that not everyone in egypt is against president mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood. he has significant support. egypt is an islamic country. there's a lot of conservative muslims here who support the president, and they like that a draft of the constitution has been approved and in about 15 days, everyone can vote on it. they say that's what democracy is all about. >> democracy is elections, and the people choose. to be able to elect. the people speak up, let the
12:12 pm
people choose. earlier, we have never been in politics like this. we were never, ever able to tell our opinion freely and honestly like this. >> okay, of course, the people still have to vote. that was reza sayah reporting live from cairo from us. thank you for joining us. if you have used a computer, chances are you have used this man's products. john mcafee is an internet pioneer. police want to question him about a killing but he's not talking to them. he's talking to us. an exclusive interview you have to hear. and u.n. ambassador susan rice is under fire from republicans about what she said after the deadly consulate attack in libya. will it kill her chanceoffs becoming the next secretary of state? and after nearly 50 years of service, america's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, it retires today. we'll take you onboard. okay, now here's our holiday gift list.
12:13 pm
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well, she still has the confidence of president obama, but u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice faces uphill challenges if she's nominated to be the next secretary of state. let's bring in cnn national security analyst peter bergen. you wrote a column about all of this. you questioned some of the republicans theories, even saying this is not a conspiracy, this is the fog of war. tell us what you mean by fog of war. >> as you know, covering any news event, particularly a large news event happening in a country on the other side of the world and in a war-like situation, first reports are usually wrong, often wrong. leaving that aside, i think the
12:16 pm
real premise of the republican case against ambassador rice is that somehow she was involved in a political cover-up sort of to say this was not the result of some demonstration that went awry. and that they're claiming that the administration knew that elements linked to al qaeda or inspired by al qaeda were behind this attack, and that was something that essentially the administration covered up. we now know from the cia director, former director david petraeus and also from his successor, the acting director, that the talking points susan rice used when she made the statements on the sunday talk shows after the event were changed by the cia. so instead of it being a kind of conspiracy, political conspiracy, it turns out the intelligence community didn't want to tip off the group behind the attack they were basically being looked at as the people who were responsible. i think the whole thing collapses. there are legit mtd questions
12:17 pm
about what happened in benghazi. why were requests for security turned down in this dangerous situation? but that's not a political conspiracy. that's one of the things that happen in life. >> all right, so what is interesting about this, peter, is that obviously the white house is saying al qaeda is on the run. al qaeda doesn't really sort of exist except in these small pop-up groups. then, so that's kind of the heart of the issue, which is you can't say al qaeda doesn't exist and all of a sudden have an attack by al qaeda. but are you suggesting that the intelligence community did not brief the ambassador deliberately in order to continue working their sources, their intelligence? >> the intelligence community, according to reports of how they brief the intelligence committees about this matter, took out from the unclassified talking points that susan rice used, references to a particular group called ansar al sharia.
12:18 pm
it's not links to al qaeda, more inspired by al qaeda in libya. they took the talking points out because they didn't want to tip this group off that they were basically looking at them. so, you know, the whole kind of architecture of the kind of claim that susan rice was sort of, you know, basically trying to downplay al qaeda's role in the attack, doesn't really -- it doesn't fit with the actual, what we know now. but i mean, zooming out a little further, the whole concept that al qaeda, somehow the attack in benghazi undercut the notion that al qaeda is in serious difficulties is also in question. the arab spring has been going on for two years. these groups, the only kind of successful anti-american group they have been able to do is one attack in a middle eastern country and they killed tragically four americans. that doesn't mean that suddenly al qaeda is resuscitated by any stretch. i think a number of the
12:19 pm
underlying premises of the attack against susan rice just really don't make sense. >> very quickly, so why won't some of her critics let it go? >> well, i'm not -- you know, i don't know, to be honest. i think at this point, i mean, if this confirmation hearing happens, and that's still a big if, at the end of the day, it's going to be hard to paint her as somebody who basically adjusted what she said publicly because of politics because i don't think that -- the facts we now know don't suggest that. >> peter bergen, as always, so fascinating to speak with you. thanks for joining us. thank you. what is it like to be in a war zone? a u.s. marine turns this home video into a documentary. you'll hear from him just ahead.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
served his country in iraq and afghanistan. he also kept a diary of his time there and what he experienced on the battlefield. when he came back home, he found he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and a video he shot while he was away became a
12:23 pm
powerful tool he used to cope. he turned it into an award-winning documentary. >> i'm a former marine who fought as part of the initial invasion in iraq in 2003. i just happened to have a video camera with me and i videotaped what was going on. the job of a forward observer is to basically be the eyes for the heavy artillary. you're seeing the results of what artillery does. explosions and people who have been killed and the remains of children lying on the side of the road. the car ran the road block and the marines had no choice but to light it up. turned out to be a father and his baby girl. when i first got home, i went down a hole. i started spiraling down and went almost all the way. >> the mike that went to iraq, that was in the marines was a fun loving guy. the next thing i recall is mike coming back from war. he was just morose. it was just a different person. >> first couple of months was garden variety depression. then i started to become angry. you're angry that your friends are getting killed or wounded
12:24 pm
over there and angry that the country has sacrificed and sometimes seems to forget it's fighting a war. you start to have thoughts, what am i going to do? kill myself? join up and go on active duty and go back to the war and try to get myself killed? >> scotty and i met about a year after he returned from the war. the minute i saw his footage, i knew this was a story that not only did i want to tell but was very important to tell. >> it was really sitting in an editing booth reliving it, rehashing it, talking about it. that was kind of like the first crack of light that i needed, that was filling up the darkness that was inside of me. >> when the film starting getting to festivals, you started seeing mike watch his journey on the big screen with 300 people he doesn't know laughing and crying and cheering and going through the same cathartic experience. that's when it really, really started to click for me. that this wasn't just my story. this was every veteran's story.
12:25 pm
i knew i needed to write the book so others could point to it and say the same thing happened to me. >> the movie was painful but therapeutic for him. writing the book was the rest of his therapy. >> sorting out what you experienced over there can feel like it's impossible. you live in this sort of limbo where everything gravitates to uncertainty, chaos, and uncertainty. >> write about it, do something creative. if you think you need help, ask for it. >> well, in addition to making a film and writing a book about his experiences at war, he started the military charity reserve aid which has raised more than $3 million to help wounded veterans and their families. police in the u.s. want to question an internet pioneer about the killing of his neighbor in belize. john mcafee won't talk to them, but he did talk to us. cnn, you'll hear what he said. ♪
12:26 pm
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motive in a murder/suicide involving a kansas city chiefs football player. according to the kansas city star, police are identifying the man, the linebacker jovan belcher. they said belcher shot himself in front of his coaches as a team training facility this morning after allegedly killing his girlfriend. well, utility crews are working overtime in the pacific northwest, battling the destructive force of high winds and drenching rains. some places will see between 10 and 15 inches of rain along with wind gusts that could hit 70 miles per hour through sunday. that could trigger flooding and mudslides. from south africa to india to australia and here in the united states, activists around the world are gathering today to recognize the widespread impact of hiv and aids. according to the department of health and human services, 33.4 million people around the world, including 1.2 million in this country, are infected. >> in los angeles, it's the end of an era.
12:30 pm
major league soccer player david beckham plays his final game with the l.a. galaxy today. he's not done with soccer. he may become an owner in the mls. john mcafee made a fortune as a pioneer of anti-virus software, but he is shielding himself from authorities in belize, even apparently dressing as an old man. mcafee is wanted for questioning in the killing of his neighbor last month. he hadn't been seen for three weeks until last night when he sat down with cnn's martin savidge for an exclusive interview. and martin joins me now from belize. i understand that even just getting there was actually really interesting. >> reporter: yeah, he is a very paranoid man. he admits that by himself. and he has been on the run now for three weeks. he looks good for being on the run for three weeks. remember, he's 67 years of age, and he happens to be on the run with his 20-year-old girlfriend. that's another story. getting to him was remarkably
12:31 pm
difficult. he has burned through about 200 different cell phones, he says, so he keeps throwing them out and getting new ones. then on top of that, you mentioned the disguises he wears, trying to talk to him, it's in code, secret passwords, people to be met, shady characters, getting into one vehicle we had to and race across town, get into another vehicle, switching back. all of this designed to confuse us, i presume, and degned to confuse anyone who might be following us. once we got in the room, the talk got very serious because he shood talk to police. he won't. so i had to try to take that role on. list listen. >> let me ask you a couple questions i know the police would ask. did you kill greg? >> i barely knew the man. why would i kill him? he was a neighbor who lived 200 yards down the beach. i did not kill the man. i knew nothing about his death until the following morning. >> but you did have a stormy relationship or you did have a past with him? >> i spoke 50 years to the man
12:32 pm
in five years. he would go by my property and complain about my dogs, as everybody did. i complained about my dogs. they bark loudly and kept me awake at night. i did everything i could to contain them and they were getting better. he owned dogs himself. there's no reason he would have done something to my dogs, but by the way, the night before he was killed, four of my dogs were poisoned. my first thought was the government. more harassment. >> you thought the dogs had been killed by the government? >> they have done everything else to me. they already killed one of my dogs. now they killed four of my dogs. what is the difference, sir? the morning i heard about greg smith, the first thing that went through my mind is jesus, they got the wrong man. they were sending a gang of gangsters to do whatever. robbers pretending to be a robbery to kill me and they got my neighbor instead. >> okay, there you get a sense of just how bizarre this interview was. he went from what sounded like a credible individual denying of course he had any involvement with the death of his neighbor
12:33 pm
who was murdered and then rolling it all over into some sort of plot on the part of the government to take him down. he genuinely fears if he were to be taken into custody he would be murdered. so it's very difficult to know what's real and what is not in his mind. >> and it's so interesting because obviously, he's been posting on his own blog about some of his escapades, if i understand correctly. >> reporter: yeah, who is is his blog that he started. i asked him about that. he said, you know, are you tweaking the nose of authorities here? are you sort of playing with everyone, including the media? he denies that's what it's about. he said it's trying to get his side of the story out. he said give me a cell tower and a tiny computer and i'll be able to blog. that's of course what he has been able to do. and he says it's essentially to get out his side of the story. the belize authorities say look, they only wish to question him. he has not been charged in any
12:34 pm
way in relation to this murder of a neighbor. it's obvious why they want to question him. they had a history and they were neighbors, for goodness sake. he should turn himself in. john mcafee said that's not going to happen. >> what did he explain to you interms of hiring a lawyer? what not just, if you are innocent, why not just get a lawyer to basically say, my client is innocent and i'll arrange an interview. get protection of somebody who has legal background? >> we went over all of those aspects. and he always seemed to have some sort of answer. that answer tends to be had the moment he gets into any custody he will either become disappeared or dead. there's no rationalizing with him. that's the difficult thing. he seems lucid and intelligent, and then at other times, he just seems completely wrong. >> and did you meet the 20-year-old girlfriend, out of curiosity? >> reporter: i did, yeah.
12:35 pm
one of seven girlfriends that he has. they're all in their 20s. they all share his compound, and they all share hid bed, he says, and he says that with pride. one thing about him, he's extremely ve lly vain. he admits that. he said he looks really good for 67, he does. and he also said he prides that his teeth are all his real teeth and his hair is all his real hair. >> martin savidge, really, we could talk to you for much longer, but thank you so much for joining us live from belize. well, here's a switch. at a time when many stores are looking to the web to grow their businesses, some online companies are seeing the wisdom of building brick and mortar stores. and this former army dog trainer is one of the heroes we'll honor tonight. a live preview from l.a. just up. . . tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics,
12:36 pm
and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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12:39 pm
so often the people who make the biggest difference in the world and in their own communities, they go unnoticed. tomorrow night, cnn will honor some of them for their outstanding deeds. we call them heroes. kareen wynter joins us from los angeles. you're going to introduce us to one of them. first of all, how are preparations going for the big event? they're expecting celebrities, they're expecting do-gooders. it's a big deal. >> well, you know, deb, it really does take an army to pull off such a spectacular event like this, but crews down here in the shrine auditorium are getting the job done. we looked inside at the theater, they're setting the stage. they're getting all the seating arrangements in order for tomorrow night's big show. and crews have been hard at work all day long. you can see the beginning stages
12:40 pm
of the red carpet, also the tent. >> why is that up? >> there's a little chance of rain tomorrow. it won't spoil the festivities of the event, but we need a contingency plan in place. so there you have. you mention a special guest. one of this year's 2012 top ten heroes. we couldn't be more proud of her, mary cortani, it's such a pleasure. she's had such a busy day. you have been down here rehearsing, rubbing shoulders with your fellow honorees. what has this moment been like for you. you said you could have never imagined yourself here? >> absolutely never could i have ever dreamed let alone imagined it. amazing, overwhelming, and i keep saying i wish i could come up with a word other than wow, but every other word, wow, wow. >> you keep enjoying every minute of it, you deserve it and your organization, operation freedom paws places service dogs with veterans. tell us why you created this organization? >> i'm a veteran myself and i
12:41 pm
learned to train dogs in the military, but there's such a huge need. they say that 1 in 5 returning veterans or warriors are going to suffer from ptsd. that's just ptsd. there's traumatic brain injuries, military, what does that mean? it means we have more survivors than killed in action in the new conflicts. we need to do something to help them get back and create a new normal. >> you told me before going on air how inspired you are to hear the stories of inspiration, of courage, from fellow honorees. that's what really the whole night is about. it's not the stars being here. you guys are the stars, spotlighting your work. >> you know, that's a really hard thing for us to accept because for us, it's not about us. it's about what we do. but the other nine heroes for 2012 are just -- they're amazing people. it's been my honor and privilege to get to meet them.
12:42 pm
>> we're so proud of you, all of our 2012 top ten heroes. we'll let mary get back inside. she still has a busy day ahead of her, but it's a snap shot of the incredible stories you'll hear tomorrow. >> thank you so much. it's amazing. the heroes don't even speak about themselves. that's one of the great things about them. all right, well, we want to let you know that on sunday, you can watch cnn heroes preshow special "sharing the spotlight" at 8:00 p.m. eastern. then it's the "cnn heroes an all-star tribute" at 9:00 eastern and hosted by anderson cooper and there will be a lot of fun, a lot of surprises, and just a lot of good work. well, from clicks to bricks. online stores now taking their businesses off line. we'll take a look at this latest trend. what is that? it's you!
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12:46 pm
usually we hear about retail stores going digital, but now online stores, well, they're going off line. popular e-commerce sites for opening brick and mortar stores. laurie takes a look at the latest trend. >> reporter: back in the day, there were brick and mortar stores. then came the website. today, that's not the case. take bobble bar. it launched as a jewelry boutique but recently expanded from digital to physical jewelry store. >> if a store becomes popular, they build a website, now if a website becomes popular, they build a store. >> when customers become that engaged with their brand, they want to see it translated to the off line world. >> that's an approach popular
12:47 pm
e-commerce sites are taking, too. >> we view the future of our business and retail are going to have some online components and offline components. they let you upload a picture on the web and virtually try on glasses. they have always had an offline component. >> we came up with the first of its kind try on at home program. we can send this package of five frames. you get the glasses at home, try them on, see which ones you want, send them all back to us and we'll go ahead and make them with the prescription. >> now, the popular online retailers expanding offline, adding stores in this holiday season a bust? >> people wanted a place where they could walk into a store, so we set up showrooms in major cities throughout the country. >> what we found is that retailers with a strong brick and mortar presence, they need to have a good online presence, and vice versa because the consumer wants flexibility. the consumer wants to sometimes shop online at home, go to the store and pick it up. >> even 3-d printer retailer
12:48 pm
makerbot, a site that sells 3-d printers online and lets people print real-world objects opened up a flagship store in new york. and as the worlds begin to merge, stores deliver a more personalized experience to your in-store shopping. >> our new york shop is based on what our tristate customers are shopping for online. they have no idea we have been studying them online and a merchandise selection based on what's in their cart, what they're clicking through. >> and laurie joins us now from new york. it's so interesting. we're talking about smaller, smaller folks who are doing this. what about larger online stores, for example, ebay, amazon, are they doing something similar? are we going to see an amazon store? >> sure, listen, there are already rumors now that amazon is setting up shop in seattle. so unconfirmed but lots of folks saying they're looking to make that move. what they are doing, amazon has
12:49 pm
the amazon locker. so if you're going to staples or radio shack, you might start seeing these giant lockers that say amazon locker. it allows people if they get something at home at amazon, they can pick it up, they get a confirmation e-mail, a number they type in and they'll get their object there. we're seeing that happen quite a bit. google just yesterday, they bought amazon's competitor, so you know, it's called bufferbot. and they bought this company, and they're looking to delve into this online/offline e-commerce base. >> are we going to be seeing more online stores going offline? is it that people want to try on things, hold things? because sometimes when i buy things online, then i have to return them which makes it a whole new step. if i can try something on, i'll know right away, for example. >> sure, that's why i think the lines blur. they'll send you five glasses so you pick out a line, and you can
12:50 pm
try them on at home and send them back, but you're seeing more and more of this, and you'll see big retailers are really kind of looking at this trend, and they're saying we could actually see parker in one of these big retailers. everybody is getting smart about this. retailers are getting smart about mobile and people going to the web tomobile, and people re going to the web to shop. so i definitely think some of these sites, we'll start seeing them pop up, because people like to see something, and touch it and feel it, deb. >> well, for more high tech ideas and reviews, go to and look for the gaming and gadgets tab. a tragedy hits the nfl. we have got reaction from the kansas city chiefs, after the apparent murder-suicide involving one of the team's
12:51 pm
players, that is just moments away. and from the cuban missile crisis to the war in the gulf, the first aircraft carrier officially retires, we'll take you on board. [ man ] in hong kong, on my way to the board meeting... anne's tablet called my phone.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
the navy is finally taking a ship with a great history out of service. the uss enterprise, the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier, retired today. it saw action from the cuban missile crisis to the war on terror. here is chris lawrence. >> reporter: the enterprise launched more than 2,000 combat operations into afghanistan. it sailed through the strait of hormuz ten times, as a show of force to iran. the navy commanders who patrol these seas tell us they can't help but be aware of the rising tension with iran. but when the world's first nuclear powered carrier set sail 50 years ago, the concern was not hormuz, but cuba.
12:55 pm
>> i was there when we went through the cuban missile crisis. >> reporter: senator john mccain was a young naval person when that happened. >> we had targets and we had weapons and we were ready to go. >> reporter: fast forward 40 years. the enterprise was heading home on september 11th 2001. >> it is like here i am, i'm many, many thousands away. my nation is being attacked by terrorists in a very devastating way. >> reporter: he is now the navy's top officer but was captain of the ship that day. without formal orders, he helped to turn the enterprise around 180 degrees, and race back into the arabian sea, where they launched jet. >> and we're working with these
12:56 pm
bombs. >> reporter: and even now that it sailed its last mission, the enterprise still has something to teach the navy. >> it is important that we know how to do this, and we know how to finish what we started and know how the take apart a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. >> reporter: not only safely, but cheaply. as the first of its kind, the enterprise is a test. >> the carriers will follow what we learn how to do on the enterprise. >> reporter: this is older itself than the united states. the first was captured by the british in 1775 by the continental navy. seven more ships would carry the name. >> it is the biggest honor of my professional life to be the captain of this ship. >> reporter: the carrier did six combat missions during vietnam, and in 1969, an explosion on board set off a massive fire.
12:57 pm
27 sailors were killed, hundreds more hurt. but the enterprise survived. and now her last captain has one final mission. to make sure this is not the last ship to bear the name. >> written letters to the naval operations, you know, asking for that, asking that that name sake be carried forward. >> reporter: to some future enterprise and a continuing legacy. chris lawrence, cnn, on board the uss enterprise. >> very cool. all right, well you might be friends with a millionaire and not even know it. look carefully at this surveillance video. do you recognize the man in the yellow outfit? well, he is showing people his ticket. he may be one of the winners of this week's powerball jackpot. he has not come forward, but people say the numbers were the right ones. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms.
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genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something. show her, tom. huh? you should see november! oh, yeah? giving you more. now that's progressive. call or click today. it is the top of the hour, and you are all in the cnn news room. well, tragedy strikes the nfl today, the kansas city chief's linebacker has committed suicide, after allegedly shooting his girlfriend. he then apparently drove to a practice facility at the chief's
1:01 pm
arrow head facility, walked up to the coach and pulled the trigger, after thanking them what they had done for him. they are trying to make sense of it all. >> i am kind of at a loss for words, it is -- nobody knows what was going on in that young man's mind at that particular time. first, i would like to say my prayers, and condolences go out to the family, his girlfriend -- i want to send my prays out to them. but like i say, it is a tough situation, and to hear something like that for the young man, actually go to the facility of his work place and do that, is kind of -- you know, you kind of wonder what is going through his mind on his way to the facility. and what was his main goal, or what was his purpose, of you know, taking his life in front of his coaches? >> now the team released a statement a while ago, saying in part, the entire chief's family
1:02 pm
is saddened by today's events. our thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends, after this unthinkable tragedy. of course, we'll reach out and make sure that counseling is available to all members of the chief's organization. and a double decker bus slamming at the international airport. members were treated after the crash, it is still not clear why the driver tried to maneuver the nine-foot tall bus over an overpass that was just eight and a half feet high. and in egypt, thousands once again are crowding into the streets of cairo. the demonstrations are both for and against president mohamed morsy, he announced they would approve the constitution. those that opposed morsy set up
1:03 pm
tents in the square, opposing what they call his recent power grab. and two days after internet crashed in syria, the coverage wi was restored today. what actually caused it is not clear. but others say it is the work of bashar al-assad's regime. most of those killed in and around syria and aleppo, cnn's arwa damon visited aleppo, and found a nation gripped by civil war. >> reporter: to the tune of jingle bell, a chant in aleppo, with original lyrics. hand in hand, we are all hand in hand, they say, until we get rid of assad. the overwhelming crowd here, for democracy, but also some
1:04 pm
carrying black flags for islamists. let's agree that each has a right to their perspective. a show of unity, but later islamist groups take up their own chant. the people want an islamic state. when we say we want an islamic state, it means that every citizen will have their rights, he says. islam respects the rights of others, but according to their interpretation. one says, i should cover my hair. twenty-five-year-old hussain says he is not worried they will take over the country. syria is beautiful, a nation of many colors, he says, whether they like it or not.
1:05 pm
what we just witnessed is a microcosm of a larger dynamic in syria, and the country's future challenges, amid the calls of the downfall of the regime, criticism of others, they looted and called it spoils of war. this is not right, he declares. this affects the revolution. we can't have fees in the army for freedom, he adds, in streets that were once deserted, families pick their way through rubble. traffic has increased in front of the hospital, the main hospital for the wounded here, bombed last week. there used to be a government checkpoint just down the road here, this is one of the first neighborhoods that saw fierce clashes between rebel fighters and government forces. it is also, we're being told, the first neighborhood to fall to the free syrian army.
1:06 pm
and weeks ago, residents began to feel confident enough to return. and now in the streets we're seeing a fair amount of activity, and we are naturally drawing quite a bit of people's curiosity. but real safety? that is still a long way off. this week, a regime air strike took out a water main cutting off supplies to some homes. children gather, among them, hamza with his containerer. he says he was wounded in the village that his family fled to for safety. up the road, prices have doubled at this bakery. in other parts of the city, it costs even more if available at a all. this woman waited for three hours, her husband was wounded after they returned. and she has three children to feed. what can i do? say i am afraid, are my children
1:07 pm
not going to eat, she says? amid all the destruction and the threat of more, valiant efforts to start repairs. with winter closing in, these people gamble, the relative safety of escape, and promise of shelter. and came back to their homes. the same lottery of survival. arwa damon, cnn, aleppo. well, north korea says it will launch a rocket capable of carrying a satellite into orbit. the time-table? sometime in the next three weeks, some say it is a cover for a possible ballistic missile test, if it succeeds it may show that north korea has the ability to deliver a nuclear bomb. the state calls it a provacative attack. and he is one of the grts, but today playing his last game. we're going to los angeles for the end of an era for soccer.
1:08 pm
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well, it is the end of an era in sports, can you guess why? fans are saying it all. soccer icon david beckham is playing the final game of his career today in los angeles, with the los angeles galaxy. paul, it is fair to say that this is an historic day for soccer, not only in the u.s. but worldwide? >> reporter: well, absolutely, because now the speculation has started, where will david beckham go next? and among the countries? possibly australia, and fans are piling in. before david beckham came in, i
1:12 pm
don't think you would see all the pomp and circumstance, the galaxy fans are hoping that david beckham leaves with a victory, and the dynamo fans are what you see behind me in the orange, they're supporters as well. and want to see them pull out with a victory, the international teams, a lot more firepower and interest in this than we ever would have seen more than six years ago, when david beckham came to the league. >> is it he is not going to play altogether? is he taking other opportunities? does he want to go to management? why change? it is not related to age, is it? >> reporter: well, age is a factor, but let's go to all of the above, he is interested in management. we could easily see him managing down the road, or have ownership
1:13 pm
in a team. also he wants to go overseas and play, he made that suggestion in a press conference earlier this week. and that is why so many around the globe, many other teams are crossing their fingers, hoping that becks, as he is called, lands on their team. >> you know, he has meant so much to the sport. when he left europe, people were not quite sure he would get up all the energy in the united states. there were less than 12 teams. now there is almost double that. what is his legacy here in the united states when it comes to soccer? >> reporter: part of it is just what you said, deb, that there are now more teams, also, soccer was sort of -- well, in the back waters sort of. the games were being played in the nfl, football, stadiums, if you look behind me the home depot center, it is a soccer only stadium, very intimate, great setting. now, there were only four
1:14 pm
stadiums in the mls that were soccer only. beckham leaves? and that number will soon swell to 15. so that is considered to be a remarkable achievement by beckham, or at least it happened during his era, granted people are saying soccer would naturally grow in the u.s. anyway. >> just say hello for me, he doesn't know who i am. >> reporter: i promise. >> okay, it is a mission, go ahead, go. well, a guy walks into a maryland store for a powerball ticket, but instead of tossing it in the trash like most people who played the $550 million jackpot, he dashes out of the store, and dashes back in. and says something about a date with beyonce. now people wonder if the person is a multi-millionaire? >> reporter: the usually buzz at a gas station convenience store. on surveillance video, the buzz
1:15 pm
really starts to hum. this mystery man at an exxon station in upper marlboro on thursday checks the powerball ticket. and what did you say? >> i said you got it, i said, that is the right number. >> reporter: the man may be the arizona winner of the powerball drawing, could be holding a ticket worth nearly $200 million. customer bill kilby was right next to him. >> i said the winning ticket was from arizona, he said he just got back, was in the military. >> reporter: the winning ticket was bought at a convenience store near phoenix. when he found out in maryland, this sure made an impression. >> like really bad news -- he said oh, my god, i'm scared. i thought he was having a heart attack. >> reporter: afghan said the man ran out, forgot to get his gas, so far, we don't have a name. this is the spot where it all
1:16 pm
took place. the machine, counter where it took place and the man checked his numbers. on the video we see him, before he finds out giving cash to a young man who doesn't have enough for his purchase. we see the man's car pulling out but can't make out his license plate. a witness says he may have had a virginia department of transportation logo on the back of his vest. we searched for the logo, and found a pattern that was similar. a spokesperson said it looked like one of their vests, maybe worn by somebody in their safety patrol. but we don't know who the man is, but he has a sense of humor. how did his behavior change? >> i don't know, last comment i heard was he had enough money to ask beyonce for a date, he was pretty happy about it. >> reporter: we can't say with certainty that it was the winner.
1:17 pm
an official says nobody has come forward yet to redeem the ticket. the person has 180 days to do that and has to redeem it in person or mail it in. cnn, upper marlboro. and often ordinary people do extraordinary things, when they do like this former army dog trainer they can become a cnn hero. we'll go to los angeles tomorrow night to preview the award ceremony. the all-new cadillac ats to test the 2.0-liter turbo engine. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ derek ] 272 horsepower. the lightest in its class. the cadillac ats outmatches the bmw 3 series. i cannot believe i have ended the day not scraping some red paint off on these barriers. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cadillac ats. for the latest smartphone. you wanna see if walmart has the same phone, for less? let's see! samsung galaxy s3 --- you could save over $50. no way!
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1:20 pm
today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. so often, the people who make the biggest difference in the world and their communities go unnoticed. well, tomorrow night, cnn will honor them for their outstanding deeds. we call them hero, because we believe that is what they are.
1:21 pm
kareen wynters has more on the story. >> reporter: well, they have definitely gotten the attention from our top ten heroes from 2011, so you know that has to be a great thing. over the last few days i've had a chance to speak to some of the honorees, who are beaming. they spoke to others, and shared their stories of courage and inspiration. we're talking about people like wanda butts, who turned tragedy into triumph, after losing her son years ago. instead of sitting back doing nothing she started the josh program to help minority kids learn how to swim. so every day she is out there she is saving lives. we don't just have heros in the
1:22 pm
united states, but from south africa, he felt the need to help hundreds of kids and teens living in poverty, by providing meals, activities, you name it just to help them get a fresh start. so deb, it gives you a snap shot of the powerful heroes, and i got to tell you, we're honoring those in 2012. we're also going way back and really reflecting on those who did tremendous jobs. it is such a treat to speak to heroes, and choices, and dan, he is looked at as such a community crusader, by building homes for vets, returning home from the front lineslineseses -- it is ar ending work. >> every time i watch these folks i really just want to do something that helps people, makes a difference, well, thank
1:23 pm
you so much, really appreciate your great reporting on all of this. and of course, tomorrow, all of you can watch the cnn hero's pre-show, that is what we'll be doing, called "sharing the spotlight" on at 8:00 eastern, bring your tissues and popcorn, and hope, the cnn tribute is at 9:00 eastern. and adopting a child is an amazing way to build a family. but when mom and dad are a different race, for the kids it can be very challenging. we have one family's story. nd for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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1:27 pm
issues, and for some that even includes race. some issues, are is it really in the best interest of the child, if the child will be able to understand their true cultural identity. >> reporter: frank somerville is a news anchor in oakland, california. he is used to hearing from the public, but when he posted a picture doing his daughter's hair on facebook, he and his wife, donna, were overwhelmed. >> the facebook page just lit up and kept going, and going. >> i think it hit a racial core, and also hit a father-daughter chord. >> reporter: eight years ago, they adopted callie, it raised questions. >> we thought there is a baby out there that needs a mom and dad. if we all of a sudden back out because we're scared that this happens to be a black baby, what does that say about us? >> reporter: they enjoy watching her play time with her older
1:28 pm
sister, but know that as she gets older there will be issues. they can experience a lack of cultural identity. >> we dealt with it, my mom always turned everything that was an obstacle into confidence. >> reporter: heading into the issues, he was from ethiopia, adopted by swedish parents. >> don't be afraid of the questions, like race definitely has a place. >> reporter: samuelson feels at home in harlem, where he lives and has a restaurant. the somervilles say being open about race and questions, will be helpful when the challenges do come. >> there are differences, and celebrate the differences. >> reporter: for now, for this family, that is enough. >> and here is what is trending on the web. you know that over a million americans are living with hiv? and one in five don't even know
1:29 pm
they're infected? know your hiv status, get tested. >> it is world aids day, and janet jackson is making the case for more americans to get tested. it is a global issue to raise awareness about the disease. and dennis quaid, filing for divorce against his wife, kim, who filed for separation back in october, the couple have four-year-old twins. and the hills are alive with the sound of country, that is because carrie underwood will star in the live show on nbc, it will air sometime next year. and santa has his reindeer, president obama has his pup. that is bo obama, looking rather cool as he makes tou